Selected for the 16th International Short Film Festival of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), in the special program : 

World Movements Exhibition
« There was a time in his childhood, when the cinema dreamed to make a « world’s encyclopedia ». Between the telescope and microscope, cinematografic vision machine presented itself as the promise of deciphering the mysteries and secrets of this world – its unexplored corners, its unknown people, its grandeur and differences. The cinematography was a possibility of seeing the world and to understand, thanks to this view, things in the world that were not understood before: the promise of knowledge, the light that was projected for the chained of Plato’s cave.

Today, it’s up to the big festivals and exhibitions to preserve something of the lost ideal of the first film. More than monitor the production of contemporary cinema, the most frequent viewers of such event look for a way of rediscovering the world, projecting on a journey of discovery each new film.

The idea of the program World Movement is this: give the audience an overview of the contemporary world, the symptoms and world’s perceptions, states of the time. One proposal that was born from the awareness that any festival has to try, at least, to recover the ethnic-cultural diversity and plurality of world views that film can still show, despite of the domain of the American culture industry today.« 


List of the selected films for this program :
· Deha Vānī, de David Ayoun (França) – 20‘
· El Valle Interior, de Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf (Argentina) – 16‘
· Jardin des deux rives, de Amel El Kamel (França) – 20‘
· Just like us, de Jesse McLean (EUA) – 15‘
· No Man’s Land, de Michael Graversen (Inglaterra) – 20‘
· Queridos amigos, de Clarisse Hahn (França) – 20‘
· Redemption, de Miguel Gomes (Portugal, França, Alemanha, Itália) – 28



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